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    Convincing the king to set the woman free was not a difficult task for Jesus. The king did not particularly like here so he had no trouble letting her go.
The king gave them a black horse, Argento, and some food. He even offered gold but Jesus told him that he does not want the horse to be burdened unnecessarily.
After leaving the palace Jesus told the woman not to be afraid and that she didn’t have to speak if she did not feel like it.
The woman spoke at last.
- My name is Alhena.
- How many springs have you blessed?
- Meaning?
- What is your age?
- Please talk simple, at least to me. No need to impress me.
- Not trying to, I just like metaphors.
- I am 20. And you?
- 26.
- Why did you take me with you?
- You did not belong there.
- Neither did the others. Why me?
- Because God told me to.
- Thank your God from my part then.
- You can thank him yourself.
After almost a day of travelling they rested on a blue hill. Jesus made the fire, and covered Alhena with his blanket. He had to reflect, so he turned his eyes to the flames and saw a glimpse of what must come to pass.

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