The Lord of the Angels

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As Jesus went to rest, he found himself having a hard time falling asleep. But he could not point to the rock that disturbed the lake of his spirit. Finally he cleared his mind from all the thoughts, and went to sleep as he was hearing the drums of silence. 
His dreams were vivid and clear. His body was made of light in the kingdom of Morpheus. As he walked upon the sands of his desert Jesus looked for Kalden. For the first time since they have been friends the wise master was not to be found. With sadness he laid upon the sand fixing his eyes on the bright sun. Time was again still. No wind. No shadows. Only silver dust beneath him and the cloudless blue sky smiling back to him.
His meditation was interrupted by a blaze of light that was traveling towards him. This was the first time that Jesus met the Gatekeeper.
- Rise Son of Man and let us exchange words.
- There are few who call me that. Tell me your name light traveler and we shall speak.
- Young and bold. I can see now why He chose you. My name is Michael. I am the Gatekeeper.
- And what gates do you guard?
- The only ones that need no guarding.
- I thought the doors of Heaven are not meant for everyone to pass.
- Tough you are wise and have the heart of a lion; you still have much to learn.
- Indeed I have. And what is the purpose of this conversation?
- I came only to give you an advice. Free the woman. The one that has the Blue Moon as her mother.
- So there is something special about her after all.
- Consider this my only gift that I can bring you. I am here in secrecy. We are not allowed to intervene in the affairs of the mortals. And next time try not to be that careless. Look with the eye that matters and which always sees purpose in his sight.
- And if I decide not to take her with me?
- Mortal, I have told you what I had to. I must go now.
Michael went as he came.
- It’s not like I have to make her my wife. 

Jesus awoke.

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