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      A star will shine upon the hour that we meet.

Year 23935. The age of Pisces.

Jesus was spending his last days in Tibet. It was time for the final conversation with Kalden. The night was calm, protected by the first blue moon of July. It was a special July that year. Two blue moons in a specific month occur rarely.

The lake was whispering light words in the gardens of the temple. 
As they have always used to do the guide and his apprentice began their word exchange trough silence. This was necessary for them to become in harmony with each other’s thoughts. After precisely 16 minutes and 18 seconds they raised their heads and looked into each other’s eyes. And they had such beautiful wolf eyes. After a short period of time Kalden discreetly bent his head for the first time since he met the Nazarene.
- What is your most fervent desire my boy? What do you wish for the most now after your spirit outlived 26 winters?
- I wish no more, no less than peace for my people.
- This is a noble desire my friend. But what about your own peace?
- I’m working on it Kalden and hope that one day it shall find me.
-  I advise you to be careful with the way you spread your knowledge. Most people are afraid of the truth not because they do not want to hear it, but because their souls are fragile and the clearest word would unbalance their beliefs. And they do need to believe in something or else they would wander their weary souls to the end of the Earth and would not find a place to call home.
- But how can I convince them that the words my tongue speak are only the language of my very own heart?
- I waited a long time for you to ask me that. It’s never imperative for you to convince them of anything even tough your perseverance could grant you that result. Speak your truth but do not impose it. And the result shall be far more satisfying if they accept the truth with the powers of their very own free will.
- Wise you speak, therefore I listen.
- It is time. Go now Son of Man. I have one last task for you. Go to the king of Babylon and heal his daughter. He is a good king and a friend of mine.
- To Babylon I leave then. I shall see you in the afterlife and we shall walk upon the everlasting green grass of Elysium. But you must bring your wine with you.
- Not lacking humor I see. I never told you the story of the tree Tibetan monks that did no other thing than laugh all day long. When the first of them died, the other two sat right next to him and laughed with the most insane joy that they have ever experienced. When another one left, people gathered and saw the remaining monk with a sad expression on his face. It was troubling for them because they never saw any of the monks sad in their entire lives. But the monk was playing a joke. Looking upon the faces in the crowd he started laughing so hard that all the people started laughing with him.
- That was a good farewell story master.
- Try to reach Babylon before the second blue moon rises.
- I’ll try to do that.
- Jesus, one more thing. I hope you will reflect upon our talk.
- I reflect upon all our talks Kalden, rest assured.
- I mean the only one that I could not agree with you.
- I will. But you know how I feel about that specific subject.
- May the leaf of your tree be ever green.
- And may the days you have left be the most fortunate that you ever lived.
- I don’t believe in luck my boy. It is foolish for an old man to lay his wishes upon the wheel of fortune.
- Farewell my friend and true star of sunset.
As Jesus walked away, Kalden laid his only wish upon the star of the Nazarene. “I hope you’ll find your sunrise star, My Son”.
Then Kalden returned to the temple, and with one thought turned it to ashes. The archives were lost. A blaze of light divided the nocturnal sky, and Kalden returned to his domains. It was the only time God had incarnated here on Earth.

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