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It took Jesus 15 days to travel from Tibet to Babylon. Kalden taught him the journey of the light. And it would have taken him a lot less if he hadn’t stop in India to see his friend Goppa Dutta. Goppa lived in a small hut a little to the west of Ganges. His wife Maytrei was one year older than him. At the age of 16 she gave birth to Goppa’s first son Abheek. Two years later Abha was born. She became a rare beauty and a pure spirit. Jesus loved his friends but most of all he loved children. He taught the little Indians how to chop the wood and how to read and write.
Before leaving for Babylon Jesus and the blessed family sat down and ate.
Abheek always wanted Jesus to teach him the skills of combat learned by the Nazarene in the temples of the yellow monks.
- A true man bends his enemy’s swords with the power of his words Abheek. You have the heart of the fearless hunter. When you’ll gain strength I’ll teach you instead the ways of the Sacred Bow.
- Thank you Jesus. I knew I could find some use for you.
- Be respectful Abheek! His mother spoke.  
- That’s quite alright Maytrei. I’m glad to be his humble servant. I’ll let you in a little secret now Abheek. Every animal has a soul. When you hunt it down and sacrifice him you must be careful to lay a prayer upon his death so that the spirit of the creature will not haunt you in your dreams. If you shall say this prayer you’ll be safe.
- Tell me Jesus. I want to hear it.
- Not now Abheek, we’ll finish eating and then we’ll go to sleep. Your friend has a long journey ahead of him and therefore he must rest.
- But mother...…
- Abheek, I have a friend Roland that told me patience was for lazy people. I could not argue with him back them as I thought he was right. But then Kalden told me the story of Alcina. Alcina was a beautiful priestess that served Athena. She was pure for no man had ever laid his hands upon her. But in her dreams she lusted for love. A strong man with eyes of vulture and long grey hair came at night while she was sleeping and kindly looked upon her with immeasurable compassion. But he swore never to take away her innocence. The years passed and they both succumbed to death. In the end the patience of the virtuous man was rewarded by the Gods. They gave him the gift of eternity with Alcina by his side.
- Your stories are for girls that want to be princesses. I am a strong man, said Abheek with flames in his eyes.
They finished eating and went to sleep. Before sunrise Jesus said goodbye to his friends.
When Abheek awoke he found a letter on his little wooden table.
”Forgive me my brother and son of Mother Nature, but your sacrifice is not in vain. Bless me with the courage of your spirit. Guide me with the presence of your instincts. Pray for me in the Land of the worthy beasts. May the spirit of the White Lion protect you in your journey! In Heavens we shall meet and we’ll be friends again.”

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