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As Jesus arrived in Babylon he went looking for the king. He had no time to waste.

He was wearing a blue robe. To his heart a silver cross defined the harmony of the horizontal and the vertical. He always liked uncomplicated symbols. He always looked for simplicity in his gestures, words and thoughts. Kalden told him once that a complicated way of acting may result in deviation of the course of one’s spirit.

As arriving at the palace gate he told the guard he was looking for the king.

- The king cannot be disturbed at this time. He sent word that no one could see him because he has important state affairs to reflect upon.

    - Tell your king that I am here to attend to his most important affair. But if his empire is more precious to him than the life of his daughter I shall carry on with my path.

    - Who are you?

    - I am Jesus of Nazareth.

    - Wait here!

As he waited at the gate he reflected upon his ability to heal others. He practiced it several times but this task was a bit more complex. A pale doubt clouded his thoughts. He looked towards the sky for a sign. No clouds. No birds. Just the warm Sun.

- You may enter now. The king will see you.

Jesus walked through the grand hall. The white marble was brought to life by the painted scenes of the Persian history. Only one foreigner was reflected. The  Macedonian.

The chamber of the king was simple and modest. Three desks formed a perfect equilateral triangle. Inside the triangle, on the floor, a perfect circle revealed a unique feature. Two golden fish. It was an ancient Buddhist symbol.

- So you are the one Kalden thinks can bring an end to my despair.

- Kalden exaggerates sometimes with his faith in me. But I shall do my very best.

- No time to waste then. The guard shall take you to her chamber.

As Jesus walked into Parisa’s room he saw her lying in her bed. A black veil covered her pale face. Her breath was deep and heavy. Her subtle arms were losing their light. On her little finger she had a ring. Jesus laid his green eyes upon that item. He went to her at took her hand in his. She felt her dying. He knew that he could not end her suffering. Her illness was in an advanced state. For the first time in his life he suffered the bitterness of defeat.

The touch of the Nazarene slightly awoke Parisa from her sleep.

- What is your name and why are you here?

- My name is Jesus and I was sent here to cure you. Unfortunately your illness is beyond my reach.

- Are you some kind of a wizard foreigner?

A smile.

- I am no such thing. But I can assure you tomorrow you’ll rest in the presence of your ancestors for now you are the rose of the fall.

- A charmer, I see. Your face brings to my thoughts a man that I once knew. I deeply cared for him even though he was just a peasant. He gave me this gold ring.

Jesus looked at the ring one more time. He saw a Greek word engraved on the jewelry.

- What does the word mean? Jesus asked.

- It means “GRATITUDE”. Please go now. I am tired.

It was the sign that Jesus awaited. He lifted his head towards the heavens and his mind produced his true healing formula. “Thank you Father for giving me the power to cast away the pain.”

- Remove your veil and walk with me through you door.

- You’re being rude to a fragile soul.

Jesus removed himself Parisa’s veil. A warm light entered the woman’s wound. She felt her pain disappear. She felt her eyes strengthen. She felt life again on every part of her skin.

Jesus never doubted from that point on.

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