The daughter of Saleem

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As the king heard of the miracle he wanted to make a precious gift to Jesus. He called him into his chamber and said:
- I do not know who you are my friend but the Gods favor you. I gathered doctors from every corner of my empire and beyond. How can I reward the man that brought me relief?
- I seek no ransom fair king. I would only like the benefits of your friendship.

- So young and yet so wise. You asked for the most precious gift I could offer you and so I shall. I arranged a room for you. You must spend some time here. I would like to hear you speak more. And you must attend the celebrations to honor my daughter’s fortune.
- I cannot linger wiser king. A long journey awaits me. I must return to the land where I was born. I am more than glad to spend the night tough. I need the comfort of this summer night.
- So it shall be. But there is one more thing I ask of you. The garden of my palace hides 77 mysteries. Find the most precious one for me, for I myself cannot see it. 
- Riddles I like.
As the Sun laid his last thoughts upon this corner of the Earth, Jesus walked into the beautiful gardens of Babylon. He was astonished as he never saw the nature in such splendor. He did not know yet what he had to find, and the gardens spread widely upon his sight. After two hours of walking he saw a small temple. He entered and there were two doors: one to his right and one to his left. In front of the first door a stone guard was carrying a sword at his waist.

The door to his left was slightly opened. 
“There’s nothing more welcoming than an open door”, he thought and walked through it.
He entered a small labyrinth but he was familiar to this sort of tasks. He noticed he had gone underground. Finally his eyes met the kings mysteries. He could not help an ironic thought. They were rare but they existed. ”It is funny how a man cannot distinguish his true companion when he has so many choices at his disposal.”
The women saw the beautiful man approach but they were afraid of his presence. They have been kept there by the king in secrecy for three long years now. The king wanted to find the perfect spouse after the death of his first wife.
- You must not fear me flowers of the east. I am here on the king’s behalf.
A woman in a red dress approached the Nazarene and spoke:
- And what task have you been appointed with? Are you the one that shall free all of us? We know that the king wants a wife. All of us tried to please him in the best way that we could. None have succeeded so far.
- Who among you is the most beautiful?
-  I am, the woman spoke again.
-  Who among you has the clearest voice?
-  We all have agreed that I am the one that carries all necessary qualities.
Jesus smiled and asked his final question.
- Who among you is the most silent?
- That would be the one standing in the corner with her head upon her knees. She comes from the house of Saleem. She never speaks a word. She rarely eats. And her beauty is fading with each day that passes.
Jesus walked towards this woman and had a grasp of her features. She was not that tall. The long brown hair caressed her fragile shoulders. Her brown eyes reflected the power of the moon. 
For a moment Jesus lost his reason. He could not see the color of her soul. And that occurred rarely.
- Look at me woman and tell me your name.
The woman looked upon him throwing arrows from her eyes. She clearly did not want to speak to him.
Jesus was deeply troubled. He could not find the key to her heart. He also knew this is the woman that the king was searching for. But he had trouble accepting that fact, because she did not see this man as the right companion for her. He then decided not to intervene and to let destiny pursue its natural course. “For some words are not meant to be spoken, and some thoughts are not wise to be revealed”
He returned to the king that night and told him that he could not complete the task he was entrusted with.
- Well that is no trouble my friend. I shall decide soon anyway. Now rest. A warm sheet awaits you.

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